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Welcome to my website

I have served in the Senate since September 2012. I represent Quebec and the district of Alma, which covers the eastern half of the Island of Montreal and the Island of Laval.

The Senate, or the upper house, is a parliamentary institution whose role is to promote democracy by ensuring the interests of the provinces and minorities are represented in federal policies and programs. That is why bicameralism exists in all federated states except for Micronesia and the United Arab Emirates. Unlike in Canada, the popularity of the Senate is increasing worldwide. Some people say this is because of the growing complexity of democratic societies where the law of a simple majority cannot guarantee democracy.

I readily accepted the invitation of the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, to sit in the Senate because it was a forum, a way, to defend the interests of Quebec, including those relating to the labour market in federal policy. I thank the Prime Minister for placing his trust in me.

An economist and professor at the University du Québec at Montreal for over 20 years, I worked for the Quebec government, unions and employers on issues of employment, training and the labour market in general. My motto is “Promoting employment promotes both economic prosperity and social justice.” Everyone wants a good, decent-paying job. That is the key to economic self-sufficiency that we all hold dear. It is also a fundamental issue for a country’s social and economic health.

Senate reform is also of interest to me, and I share the opinion of the Prime Minister and so many others that the Senate appointment process must be reviewed to give senators more legitimacy so that they can fully carry out their role in the chamber of sober second thought.

You will find lots of information on my website about the Senate and Senate reform, in addition to my work in the Senate, my thoughts on employment and much more. Enjoy your visit! Don’t forget you can get in touch with us by clicking on “Contact Us.”

The Honourable Diane Bellemare 

Senator, Alma District

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